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"The Growing of trees is a lesson in Patience. They can be assisted, but never rushed"     Kevin Kelly


It is now Summertime.  We are no longer selling or planting any trees until Sep 15th.  With the heat of the summer it is better to wait until fall, rather than trying to plant something and try to keep it alive threw the summer season.  Tree roots grow very little during the hot summer season.


Now is the time to plan for a fall planting. Let us know if we can help with the planning or installation of your trees this fall.


Good weed/grass control around your trees and watering about every 10 days if it gets dry, is the best thing you can do for your new trees this summer.


Hours in the summer

As we are out taking care of our trees and X-mas trees all summer we do not have any regular hours.  If you would like to stop by, best to call or E-mail us a day or so ahead of time to set up a time so we will not miss you.


Delivery for Fall 2014-- We will have two routes this fall:

 One north from Cedar Rapids on 380 to Mason city and then west on Hwy 18 to Spencer.

The other from Williamsburg, Iowa west on Interstate 80 to Omaha.

Get on the list now to have your trees delivered to your area this fall.


Thank You

PH: 563-452-4300  or   E-mail   ktf@netins.net

Our 2014 catalogs are ready, call or drop us an E-mail and we can send one to you.

If you are thinking of a windbreak jump right over to our site we have for them: www.windbreaktrees.com

A sign that we received from Trees Forever on our buffers program

We can plant your potted trees with our auger in Iowa, Illinois, SW WI, Southern MN.

When you buy your trees and shrubs from Kelly Tree Farm you get our experience of 45 years of Silviculture, which is the "art and science of growing trees".  So do not be afraid to ask us questions as our experience can help you get the successful planting you want to do in 2014.

We accept Cash, Checks and VISA and MASTERCARD.

Kelly Tree Farm - 191 Quincy Ave. Clarence, IA 52216 -

GPS Coordinates N41 55.174'  W091 03.362'

PH: 563-452-4300

E-mail      ktf@netins.net

Kelly Tree Farm Windbreak Wins Award!

Brad and Patty Manuel from Olin, IA with their state award from Soil and Water Districts for Best Windbreak.  We planned, provided the trees and planted the windbreak in 2001.


A few of our over 30,000 potted leaf trees and evergreen trees.

   We do plant trees/shrubs through out Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska

Roots from a walnut tree only 6 months old,  the tap root has been cut in a process called undercutting.  This is done during July and the tree immediately stops all top growth and then makes many lateral roots that are perfect for planting in the following spring.  We do this with most of our trees such as oaks, hickory, pecan, evergreens, and many others.

White Spruce Windbreak
Serbian Spruce
Red Oak
Kevin and Buck checking out Red oak seedlings
Tree Planter
Our Seedling Tree Planter with Sprayer

Remember that anyone can sell you a tree but if it does not survive or grows poorly in your area you have lost more than the price of the tree you have lost your time and that is something that cannot be replaced, Thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you.

"The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit" --Moliere

Thank you for visiting us.. KTF



Kelly Tree Farm - 191 Quincy Ave. Clarence, IA 52216 - PH: 563-452-4300 - ktf@netins.net